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Acid, Alkaline or Neutral Diet

Acid, Alkaline or Neutral Diets, all foods can be classified as either acid, neutral or alkaline. We are not talking about their taste, but the residue that is left after they have been metabolised in our bodies.

Our blood has a normal ph of 7.41 that is fairly stable. When this shifts, due to metabolic changes and respiratory changes via the kidneys, the body will then work using further respiratory and metabolic changes to correct any imbalance to get us back to the neutral 7.41 again.

Stress is a very acid forming activity and to some degree everybody has it! A diet that is too acidic affects our blood and tissues, and with this extra acidity the body will desperately try to clear it through extra elimination via the colon, kidneys, skin, sinuses or other mucous membranes. Congestion of mucus can be looked upon as too much acidity in the body that is desperately trying to get out. Such ailments as arthritis, colonic dis-eases, insomnia, low energy can be a result of this.

Acid, Alkaline or Neutral Diets are a major concern these days as most people are too acidic!

On any healthy eating regime it should always be that you are encouraged towards a more alkaline diet, reducing the acid forming foods as much as possible. Most ailments can be linked to too much mucus in the body and that the routes of elimination have been congested and or blocked. A more alkaline diet provides less stress on the body and therefore an easier route for the toxins to be eliminated. A balanced diet with more fruits and vegetables, whole grains such as short grain organic brown rice and smaller if not no amounts of meats, milks, wheat, refined sugar and flour products, can make a huge impact. Irritable, twitchy behaviour can be linked to an overly acidic body as what happens on the inside will somehow show up on the outside!

It is usually recommended that a 70-80% alkaline diet be followed in the spring & summer, and in autumn & winter, 65-70%. In colder climates a higher % of the richer acid foods are required as the body uses them to be burned as fuel. Makes sense as we eat less with much lighter salads and foods in the summer etc and warmer denser foods in the winter! Making sure that foods are chewed thoroughly is also a good way to make them more alkaline as saliva is a very alkaline fluid, also not eating too late, or on the run can help too!

The body produces both alkaline and acidic fluids. The stomach secretions are very strongly acidic and the bile and the pancreatic juice are alkaline; these mixed together neutralise the very strong stomach contents as they come through the intestine, offering a mildly acidic environment to the contents of the small intestine (the separator of good and bad). If these contents were to be too acidic then that's when problems begin to arise!

Sprouts are one of the most alkalising, nutritious and easily accessible foods know to man. Being rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, they can be grown easily in four to six days and require no effort and very little cost.

Growing sprouts is a very simple and straightforward process and we have sourced the very best sprouting systems available to give you the best possible choice and price range. 

Sprouting is simple, fun, nutritious and delicious!