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Agave Nectar - Ultimate Superfoods 'Real' Raw 100% Organic (250ml)

  1. Ultimate SuperFoods "Real Raw Agave Nectar is Certified Organic and also Kosher certified.
  2. The community values behind Ultimate SuperFoods"Real" Raw Agave Nectar are strong. The values of caring for the land and the people are deeply rooted within the company ethos. They have been honored for generations, which is why they have 3rd generation employees doing what their grandfathers did on the same land.
  3. Ultimate SuperFoods" "Real" Raw Agave Nectar's production processes are Organic and their cutting edge Organic recycling plan, integrates a thorough composting program putting the necessary properties back into the land from whence it came.
  4. The taste of Ultimate SuperFoods Agave Nectar is second to none. Chefs and connoisseurs around the world are heralding its exquisite flavors and texture.
  5. The chemical compositions are far superior in quality when compared to the competition, especially in light of the lack of legal norms and quality control standards in the agave industry.
  6. By eliminating chemical compounds that are difficult for the body to break down, the Ultimate SuperFoods Agave Nectar becomes sweeter to the taste but also healthier.
  7. Ultimate SuperFoods Agave Nectars "sugars" are NOT inverted with crystallized fructose. There is a Carbon 14 isotope (test) that can be applied to determine whether it is made from 100% Blue Agave and whether or not it contains the Agave carbohydrates: Inulina- Fructose and others that set it apart. Chefs are the ones to really differentiate quality, but our teams leading research are prepared to launch a campaign educating experts and eventually bringing the defacto standard to the industry.
  8. Ultimate SuperFoods" "Real" Raw Agave Nectar is gently manufactured in a way to minimally take away from the natural benefits (no enzymes or acids are added and the temperature is maintained at a low rate).
  9. The typical shelf life for other Agave Nectars is two years but they believe it will remain stable for ten years. Microorganisms do not grow in the high concentration of sugars that this particular Agave Nectar contains. This Raw Agave Nectar, free of pH bacteria treatment, is "moved" three times with specific timing in order to stimulate sugar production strategically and it avoids the need for additives.
There are a many additional points of interest that allow for the expression of the compelling message behind Ultimate SuperFoods "Real" Raw Agave Nectar