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Agave Nectar Benefits

Agave nectar benefits those of us that struggle with a sweet tooth but still want to be healthy! In fact you can eat agave and feel regal still.

Agave Nectar is an exciting new sweetener naturally extracted from the inner core of the agave plant. This is a cactus-like plant native to Mexico. It's the same plant as Tequila comes from.

Agave Nectar absorbs slowly into the bloodstream, decreasing the highs and lows associated with sugar intake. It has a very low low glycemic index (GI), between 11 and 19. This means it does not significantly raise blood sugar levels. This makes it particularly suitable for those with sensitivites to sugar.

Its gentle method of processing ensures the presence of vitamins and minerals, which are not found in processed sweeteners.

Agave nectar dissolves easily and its taste is natural and delicious, making it the perfect sweetener to naturally enhance any food or beverage. It tastes like a cross between honey and maple syrup! Use as a replacement for dates, honey, sugar, maple syrup, and other sweeteners.

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