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Cacao Benefits

Cacao is the seed of a fruit of an Amazonian tree that was brought to Central America during or before the time of the Olmecs (ancient pre-Columbian people).

Cacao is known as "The Food of the Gods and Goddesses" and if you eat it in its Raw and natural state you really feel that benefits & will know why it really is a superfood!

Cacao nibs and Cacao Powder contain no sugar and have between 12 and 50% fat depending on their variety, type and growth conditions. Raw cacao is high in Magnesium, Iron, Chromium, Tryptophan and Antioxidants, and as we are a magnesium deficient population now this makes this a real superfood (Magnesium is the most deficient major mineral on the Standard UK Diet (SUKD); over 80% of us are chronically deficient in Magnesium).

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Cacao seems to be the number one source of magnesium of any food. Maybe that's why we women crave it so much during and around our periods - Nature works in wonderful ways hey!

Magnesium is associated with balanced brain chemistry, strong bones, and happiness - often known as the happy mineral!

What is hard to believe is that raw cacao is actually a poor source of caffeine. A typical sample of cacao nibs or cacao beans will only have less than 1/20th of the caffeine present in coffee.

In February 2008, Dr Gabriel Cousens (a big rawist), discovered in tests on healthy people that cacao does not elevate blood sugar in the same way as a caffeine containing food or beverage does. In fact he found that cacao has less of an effect on blood sugar than nearly any other food!

On top of all that, Cacao is also very high in the beauty mineral sulphur. Sulfur is known for assisting in the growth of strong nails, hair, beautiful and shiny skin, and a clean liver and pancreas! All in all nothing wrong with that then!

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