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Consultations & Personal Diet Plans

How does a Consultation Work? 

1. Once you have paid for the type of consultation you would like we will email you a questionnaire to complete.

2. Once you have returned the completed questionnaire we will book a telephone consultation for you. This takes approximately one hour and during that time your new diet plan will be discussed. 

3. A follow up consultation can be arranged if desired, or monthly email support can be arranged.

Our aim during this call is to empower you into understanding and feel more in control of your own health and wellbeing.

The consultation and personal program will give you a clearer understanding about how to deal with arising symptoms both now and in the future, and help you know when it is useful to use techniques to help you to feel better.

We offer unlimited email support as we know how great it is to be able to check in with someone when you really just want to stop and have a coffee and a chocolate biscuit!!!