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The Enema, Benefits & more!

An Enema is the procedure used to administer liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus! An Enema is a rectum and colon wash that is used to assist and support your body with hydration, elimination and congestion and is used most effectively when doing a natural Detox or cleansing program. An enema is one the most supportive and effective ways to make a difference to how you feel emotionally and physically.

Enema Benefitsenema

An Enema can help you to rid excess waste that builds up in the colon from eating refined and processed foods, or foods that are high in fat and sugar and low in fibre. These types of foods can cause peristalsis to become weak and ineffective producing symptoms such as constipation and IBS. With this, foods will get stuck along their journey, and become impacted against the wall of the colon! From there the stuck stuff begins to putrefy and ferment and your whole internal environment can become toxic!

When the colon is toxic or impacted with stuck faecal matter, the poisons are then distributed instead of eliminated and conditions such as toxaemia could arise.

What is going on inside of you will show up on the outside of you! If aggravation and irritability are going on inside then I bet you will feel aggravated and irritated on the outside too! An Enema can help you to shift those feelings by making you feel cleaner, clearer, lighter and refreshed as toxins and old matter are safely removed. Remember, it is Always better for a discharge!

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When would you do an Enema?

 Enemas are recommended during cleansing, natural weight loss and detox programs. They offer great support to the body during these times as there are so many more toxins being released from the change in diet and cleansing program which need to be removed.

Constipation is another time when an enema would be recommended. Doing an enema when you are constipated can be very relieving and can be used privately in the comfort of your own home. An Enema is safe and effective relief for Constipation and digestive problems such as IBS. Why put up with constipation when you can safely use an enema to feel immediate relief?

An Enema is very effective when used at the onset of a cold or flu to help move a stagnant lymphatic system. An Enema can stimulate movement and a release of mucous within the lymph system which can leave you feeling immediately much lighter and totally refreshed.

Enemas can be used during times of Stress to support and relax the mind and body. Enemas can be used more regularly to keep your system clean and serviced once you have performed a deeper cleanse or Detox program! The enema is like a good friend that you turn to when things start to weigh you down - literally!

Is it safe to do an Enema if you are pregnant?

If you are used to natural techniques and have used enemas safely in the past then there is no reason why you would not, with guidance and advice of course, use enemas during your pregnancy.

The amount of liquid used would need to be reduced to only 1 pint as of course there is less space, and certain enema types would be less advisable than others.

Constipation is very common during pregnancy and for this reason alone using a small enema can offer great relief.

Please seek the advise of a professional before commencing anything during your pregnancy.
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Please note: It is of course not recommended or advisable to detox or lose weight during pregnancy!

The Retention Enema

is when the liquid that enters the body is held for much longer periods and often totally absorbed into the body where nothing is released. These enemas are very soothing, comforting and hydrating for the body and mind as the colon accepts messages very quickly. These soothing retention enemas are an excellent way to feel immediate effects!

Which Enema is right for me?

Having a telephone consultation allows me to advise you of which enema is best for you.

Different enema recipes can include: Water, Camomile, Coffee, Magnesium, Aloe Vera, Flax oil, Spirulina, Barley Grass and many more!

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