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Feel Stronger, Live Better, Chlorella and Other Green Superfoods

Normal daily life can be so exhausting. There is so much to do and it
seems that more demands are being placed upon us all the time. How
can a person meet all the requirements of work and home, when these
demands seem to increase constantly? Such increasing demands generate
stress and anxiety as daily energy is depleted. People seem to be
running out of gas but it is not their faults. If only there was an
easy, quick way to improve overall health, and increase energy at the
same time. Well, there is! Such an improvement in energy and general
health is now possible with a daily supplement that is called green

What are Green Superfoods?
Getting in the great habit of consuming green superfoods is one of
the best things a person can do for their body. Green superfoods have
amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Some superfoods are complete
proteins. Green superfoods have great potential for healing for a
variety of diseases and disorders.
Green superfoods may be eaten on salads or combined into smoothies.
They may also just be eaten in powder or tablet form. Either way,
they taste delicious and are a nice ingredient addition to many food
recipes and dishes.
What Green Superfoods Do?
They help us in a wide variety of very praiseworthy functions and
purposes in the human body. The first thing is that they can at times
improve the effectiveness of immune systems. Also they may enrich
the amount of nourishment a body receives since they contain a great
store of minerals that they possess. Extra energy is provided by green
superfoods while making a person taking them far more energetic.
Green superfoods do have the eventual outcome of healthy digestion and
more efficient elimination. More regular elimination leads directly to
weight loss for many as well. Becoming a consumer of green superfoods
sometimes has the benefit of producing thicker hair, better skin
tonality and healthy fingernails. Green superfoods sometimes may
even make the person look better and improve the overall personal
appearance with a healthy glow. When someone is healthy, they have a
spring in their step and their hair and skin shine and glow. Improved
health equals improved looks in many people.
Some theorists explain that a vast overwhelming majority of diseases
now begin from an out of balance PH system in the physical body, which
causes far too much acidity. Excessive acidity slowly weakens the
system to produce diseases. Therefore, it becomes advisable to fix
the alkalinity in the person. One great way to perform this is by
eating green superfoods, as they are very alkaline. This can cause
a much healthier environment for the body to thrive in and stops
microorganisms that favor acidity.
Alfalfa contains a great deal of protein and fiber. Alfalfa is
extremely soothing to the digestive system and aids greatly in
elimination as well as digestion. Alfalfa has potassium, magnesium and
calcium. It has vitamins K and E also. Alfalfa is laxative in nature
and performs a diuretic function, therefore it may help people to lose
a bit of weight as well.
What is Chlorella?
A great choice of green super-food is surely Chlorella. Chlorella has
been used to remove harmful toxins such as arsenic, mercury, and lead
from the body. Chlorella is also beneficial in that it contains fiber
and many vitamins. Additionally, Chlorella has a complete protein
status. Chlorella also contains Chlorellan, which contains Chlorella
Growth Factor, a component which is responsible for repairing and
maintaining tissues. Moreover, it also contains vitamins B, C, and E,
together with iron and calcium.
Spirulina, a blue- green algae which is a type of seaweed that has
enormous immune enhancing properties, has been eaten for centuries.
Spirulina powder is a very nutritionally dense food, which means that
it is packed with minerals, amino acids, and protein. It even has
more protein than the soybean, which is known to be an amazingly rich
protein choice. Moreover, it also contains traces of elements such as
iron, magnesium, and some essential fatty acids. Overall, Spirulina
enhances the immune system, and because it contains amino acids, it
may also help improve people's mental functionality, and regulate
their BP and blood glucose levels.
Green superfoods are those powerful foods that can increase your
overall metabolism, and provide you with energy to stay healthy.
The nutritional value from these is also equal to those of green
vegetables. Because they are high in nutrition, these foods are able
to provide you with sufficient energy, even after you have a small
serving. If you want to be healthy from the inside, go for green
superfoods. It is amazing how many benefits and advantages may be
obtained from simply taking green superfoods, like Spirulina powder,
on a regular basis. It is great to have enough strength and vitality
to carry through daily tasks and enjoy life with a great sense of
power and ease. Such a small investment may pay off so tremendously in
terms of health, strength and immunity for years to come. It is wise
to begin supplementing with green superfoods today.
About the Author
Tom Hines, co-owner of (Minnesota's #1 NOW Foods
retailer) is a retired power lifter and has been working in the
nutrition industry since 1997. He has a true passion for creatively
helping others to learn about health and nutrition, which enhances
their lives and well-being. He lives on the prairie in West Central
Minnesota, and spends his leisure time coaching youth wrestling,
working with his horses, and being play toy #1 for his 3 boys; TJ,
Grady, and Brock.