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Folic Acid for Pregnancy

Folic Acid for Pregnancyis essential during Pre conception and during the entire first Trimester of your pregnancy.

Folic Acid is also known as Folate, and is one of the B Vitamins that makes cells in the body.

As the body doesn't store much of this vitamin it is essential to make sure that you are eating lots of its natural sources and taking a supplement.

During pregnancy Folic Acid is essential to create your growing baby, and as the first trimester is the most crucial time for your babies development, folic acid becomes vital.

Good food sources of Folic Acid are broccoli, green beans, kale, lentils, sprouts & potatoes. But that may not be sufficient so PLEASE take a supplement as well.

Taking this supplement reduces the risk of your baby having Spina Bifida and spinal problems.

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