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Healthy Pregnancy Diet - Pregnancy Support

Having a healthy Pregnancy Diet is the most important gift for your baby, and having a Nutrition Friend Consultation will offer you Pregnancy support and a personalised pregnancy program that will be safe, effective and completely natural.

A balanced and healthy Pregnancy Diet is the key factor to your well being and health during this special time for both you and especially your baby.
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Pregnancy is the time when you should really take good care of yourself, your diet and your baby. We are here to give you Pregnancy support from the start to advise you, what foods to avoid during pregnancy and which foods to eat during pregnancy.

A Healthy Pregnancy Diet is not about eating for two in quantity, it is about doubling the nutrients and goodness and making each mouthful that you do eat really count! We all want to give our children the best possible start in life and eating well during pregnancy offers just that.

Nutrition Friend wants to make that journey as easy as possible for you by providing you with safe, suitable options during this important time. We will design a healthy Pregnancy Diet that suits you, your lifestyle, your body and emotional type, and that will most importantly support your growing baby in the best possible way.

Book now for your personal pregnancy support program which is optimized just for you and a support program to keep you on track all the way.

Can I eat Raw Cacao During Pregnancy?

Cacao has the most amazing amounts of magnesium and zinc and really is classed as a superfood! The caffeine is very low in RAW cacao, and what is important to add here is where you get your cacao from and the quality of it!

Raw organic premium unheated vegan cacao
is totally Ok to eat in moderation during your pregnancy.
In fact you may find it extremely valuable during your pregnancy. What would of course affect you is your feelings towards eating it in the first place; if you doubt that cacao is good for you or your baby then best avoid it! On the other hand, if you firmly know that it is ok - enjoy!

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