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Healthy ways to be bad!

Eating well does not have to be boring and can include treats as long as you make good choices and do not over indulge. There is certainly something to be said for finding the 'balance" within your diet and your life, as too much of anything will become boring and hard to sustain with time!

Losing Weight naturally
can include treats you know!

First things first, choose Organic above anything else, whether it be Chocolate, Vegetables, Fruit, MEAT (especially meat), Fish, Body Lotion or a pair of jeans (New Look do great Organic jeans and tee shirts!).

Source, find, cook and eat Raw Organic Chocolate where you can! Raw Organic Cacao Nibs are a divine heavenly Natural raw food, they will blow your mind and not only give you endless energy and inner power, but are packed full of natural Magnesium and Sulfur.

Always read and check labels thoroughly to make sure that you getting the best quality.
Unfortunately Normal cooked Chocolate contains sugar, milk and fat solids that are not good for you and they usually even add salt too! So really read and check the labels on these chocolates even if they are labelled natural and Organic, they can still be laden with nasties!

Dark Chocolate is a better alternative to milk Chocolate and allows you a treat without the added Dairy but it will still contain cooked sugar, which gives you a different speedy energy rather than a natural lift from the raw chocolates.

Chocolate also contains caffeine, but in its raw state this natural caffeine has a completely different effect! Cooked caffeine (in chocolate), has a speedy hyper effect whilst in its raw state only makes you feel naturally fabulous... if you don't understand try it and see - click on the picture next door!

Ice Cream

Booja Booja make the BEST, most delicious ice cream that is sugar, dairy free and vegan! it's delicious. If you can't find that try some of the soya desert options they are equally scrummy. Do watch for added sugar though as sometimes although its dairy free it may be loaded with sugar! Most of the time you get what you pay for so value yourself and buy well.

Buy a Champion Juicer and make Raw Natural Ice Cream using frozen fruit! Banana is the best!!!!! You will never believe it isn't ice cream!

Other than than make raw smoothies with avocado, strawberries and banana and pop it in the freezer! Divine!!!!!!!!!!!!


You know, if you really want a Coffee make sure its a good one!
Organic ground gorgeous coffee is the treat you are after rather than a quick cup of instant. Sit down and enjoy it and only have one occasionally, drink more water on that day to compensate. Avoid the caffeine free (decaf) varieties as the chemical they use to take out the caffeine are often more damaging than the caffeine! On the other hand, if it's energy you are looking for, have some Raw Organic Chocolate.


Instead of 'builders" try some herbal types such as rooibos tea with soya milk. This can be sweetened with honey and closely resembles a traditional builders cup with milk and sugar. Green tea is a very nice alternative that has much less caffeine although does still have some. Green Tea is a lighter and more refreshing taste, and is also a powerful antioxidant. Green tea does not need to brew for long - 1 minute to 90 secs is plenty, otherwise it can taste too bitter and you will never have it again!

Peppermint tea is great for digestion, Camomile for relaxation and sleep, Fennel for digestion. There are loads of herbal teas to try, you just need to find one you like.


People do find wheat a hard one to give up. You will be pleased to know that there are some fabulous wheat and gluten free bread recipes available now, as well as being able to buy well too!

Waitrose are the best for stocking the wheat and gluten free varieties, with Sainsbury's coming in a close second. The Stamp Collection breads are great and very very tasty. Also good health shops should stock loads too.

Check out our recipe page for some ideas too! Or buy a Gluten Free Breadmaking Machine!