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Hot & Cold Water Therapy Benefits

Hot and Cold Water therapy is a cleansing, revitalising and energising way to support your body within its daily cleansing cycle and its totally free!

Switching from hot to cold 3 times at the end of your morning shower will encourage blood flow to the surface of your skin pushing toxins out through the skin whilst encouraging circulation! Gradually build up the temperatures as you go so that the last times are much hotter and much colder. Staying under the cold for a good 20-30 seconds at the end will leave you feeling fabulous!

Leaving your body feeling cold will bring about internal heat as the body will want to regain its temperature. Leaving yourself hot will not do that...

At the end of your bath or shower (morning or night), always end with a cold water rinse, splash or shower. If you can't stand the thought of that, then at least cool your feet down! Cooling the feet down can help tremendously if you have a busy head as the energy is taken away from the head into the feet - try it!

You may struggle with the cold bit initially but you will find that it is so invigorating, energising and cleansing that it is totally worth it.

If you don't have a shower then cool yourself down after your bath! Slash yourself all over with cool/cold water, especially your feet and legs! Remember, cooling the feet and legs will take the energy down out of the head!

In an ideal world you would dry skin brush first thing in the morning, then shower after, ending with the hot and cold switch! A fabulous way to start any day.