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MSM Vegicaps (powder/crystals) Raw Vegan

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MSM is a naturally occuring form of dietary sulphur found in fresh raw foods that are involved in the cycle of rain. This MSM is a raw white crystaline powder.

In David Wolfe's book 'Eating for Beauty', he discusses the beautifying effects of MSM. He describes it as "producing a flame like tint in the skin and creating a subtle lustre as delicate as the halo around the full moon on a clear desert evening."

MSM is found in the oceans, rain water, and all living things and is also found in the amino acids, methionine, taurine, cysteine and cystine.

MSM is a beneficial dietary supplement of sulphur. It's toxicity rating is the same as water, and it has the lowest levels of toxicity in biology. It can safely be taken in accordance with the instructions on the bottle with other medications, although it is always recommended that a doctor be consulted before you take anything in addition to your prescription medication.

MSM is volatile and destroyed by cooking which is why we often need to take it!
It is loved by people who appreciate health & vitality and love to have great skin hair and nails. Flexible people such as yogis, yoginis and athletes also love MSM.

This really is one of the most beautifying, anti aging prevention supplements around!
Read more about MSM here!

MSM powder (pure crystals), in 400 vegicaps (750mg each), raw, no-chems, vegan.
(Total 300g MSM per bottle).

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