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Maca Benefits

Maca is a divine, delicious raw powdered organic food that is a top choice for any woman or man! It has a kind of malty taste and comes usually in a powered organic raw state.

Maca benefits Energy levels and gives an abundant dose of protein and calcium to assist and support breastfeeding, pregnancy and the immune system.

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Maca is well known for its energising and libido enhancing powers.

This amazing superfood Maca is a root vegetable that grows in peru in the Andes. It is special as it can grow at such a high altitude, up to 14,000 feet above sea level.

Maca is anadaptogen which means that itsupports the body wherever it is most needed and it does this without harmful side effects.

The Peruvians eatit as a main part of their diet – it is a potato like tuber that is either baked or ground up into a powder and added tofoods such as smoothies, raw deserts and meals.

MACA is a powerful Energiser & Hormone balancer – REALLY! This stuff works…FACT.

It is known to increase libido naturally and really helps with fertility issues and egg health.

Maca can increase athletic performance and benefits anyone looking for optimum natural health.

Also very beneficial for depression & chronic fatigue syndromes.

Maca is a top nutritious food containing high amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all the essential amino acids (so often hard to obtain from a single non-flesh food - hence the greatness of this one!).

The amino acid content of this plant gives it an average bio available protein content of around 14% of the entire weight of the plant - that is impressive. Maca contains loads of minerals with very high levels of bio available calcium (especially lovely hey!). Maca also contains trace amounts of the hard to find vitamin B12 (though not all you need!).

Please note that Maca MUST be eaten with care!

Start with a tiny amount and GRADUALLY increase your levels over weeks and months. Take maca as a drink or in a smoothie, and it goes very well with mesquite and cacao too, add to flax crackers or just make a cuppa with it!

It could be that symptoms worsen before getting better when taking maca, which is why starting with small amounts is advised first and then gradually increased.

Try and buy raw and organic maca if you can! It is totally worth it. This is a superfood that can totally change your menstrual problems when taken with care and under guidance!

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