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Magnesium Benefits

Magnesium is an essential mineral for our bodies to function optimally and most of us have deficient levels of magnesium!Magnesium Benefits are endless and amazing! Better sleep, improved energy, stronger bones and more

Increasing your intake of magnesium citrate can benefit wellbeing literally overnight. Taking magnesium citrate at night will improve sleep (oh yes!).

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Taking magnesium citrate benefits energy levels, improves muscle contraction and muscle relaxation, improves moods and really does help with menstrual problems.

Magnesium encourages the formation of healthy bones and is essential for the development and maintenance of these healthy bones making is more than essential during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Magnesium has another name - the happy mineral! Given this name literally as it does what is says, makes you feel happier! Magnesium improves energy levels, reduces stress and fights fatigue!

It has been established that pretty much in our crazy stressful lives these days, we are all mostly deficient in magnesium at some point and that is why we need to take a magnesium citrate supplement.

The Citrate is the form in which magnesium is most abundantly and effectively absorbed by our bodies, making it the most sensible form to take it in.

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