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Natural Weight Loss

Most people want to Lose Weight and taking the Natural route is a much safer and more permanent way to success, optimizing Health and well being along the way.

Start today, losing weight the natural, safe and permanent way!

It is always easy to make promises, but keeping them and actually putting them into practice can be hard and difficult to maintain, so Nutrition Friend has created a natural weight loss program that helps keep you on track and away from sticking cookies in your mouth!

Why do we put on weight?

Understanding what our bodies do not need is much easier than stopping to feed ourselves with it!

As humans we love to eat what is bad for us but why?

When your body is depleted, dehydrated, lacking or searching for something to balance it, it will try and find balance (comfort) in the fastest and most easiest way, usually via a craving.

These cravings are usually for salty foods, sugar, caffeine or alcohol, as these are fast and sure ways to give the body a quick hit and allow it feel better fast. But here's the bad news!

Once the body has felt instantly better from this quick hit, it will then drop again afterwards because it is not using or has not found a natural balanced energy source.

Quick hits are followed by quick drops, and when energy is not natural it pulls on artificial sources that deplete the body even more, and you get caught up in a catch 22 situation.

So why does this make me put on weight?

Quick hits are usually from unhealthier foods containing salt, caffeine, sugar and preservatives which are all ways to imbalance the body and start off this craving and artificial energy signal again. What is worse is that giving them up is hard because you are left with uncomfortable feelings to deal with.

Finding time to prepare, cook and shop for new food items can be challenging and time consuming, as can getting to the gym or a yoga class, but once the body has re-established a balance and natural energy source it can and will let go off excess weight, cravings and feelings, BUT, it doesn't happen overnight!

It is not just about eating carrots and salad, its about understanding what you need and why...

You see we know all that, and we understand feelings and cravings too, so we want to offer you Natural weight  loss program  that is realistic, practical and very effective.

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Natural Weight Loss