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Our Philosophy

Nutrition friend is dedicated to total health and wellbeing, encouraging Natural Weight Loss and Personal Healthy Eating Plans to support and allow your body to detox naturally and reach its full potential.

Everything you eat has an impact upon you. Eating natural optimum foods will have a softer impact upon you and you will therefore feel and look better.

If your body is less toxic you will feel and look better. If you understand how to make that happen you will feel and look better. Understanding your body and working with it rather than against it can bring many benefits, including more confidence, less fear, better memory and more stable emotions.
apples When a diet or Natural Detox is started it is usual for cravings, emotions and strong desires to get in the way of sticking to it, and before long (usually the 3rd or 4th day), you find that you have broken it in some way. This is usual, but why?

The reason is most likely due to the amount of toxins that are being released from the change in your diet. These toxins have been released and are flying around your body making you feel uncomfortable and creating cravings and feelings that you dont like. But if you were able to safely and effectively remove these toxins you would surely feel better? Nutritionfriend can help you do just that.

Distress symptoms that the body gives are all to often misread and more than likely followed by the administration of pain relief and or medicines to quickly remove the feelings! But what if the body actually just needed some support and understanding that a clean was due, like a body holiday, and from that clean the symptoms would be removed.

When the body becomes overwhelmed with toxins it will become stressed, blocked, congested, sluggish, lazy, aggravated, irritated and tired. When a body is regularly cleansed it will feel vitalised, refreshed, clear, energised and ready for action. A back log of toxins will cause dis-ease in any body!

The odd cold or flu is just the bodies way of eliminating excess toxins and it isnt a problem. If you dont allow this cleanse to take place then the toxins will stay in the body and try and come out at a later date somewhere else!
Nutrition friend aims to empower you to understand what your body really needs both daily and during times of distress by making simple yet progressive changes to your diet and by using gentle and effective body techniques.

Stress is all around us, that you cant change. We live in it, we type on it, we breath it in, we eat it and we sleep within it. With such an environment surely its our duty to have a go at taking care of ourselves in the areas that we do have control over.

If you are reading this far then I take it that you would like to maybe try something new and thats where we come in. We want to guide you, explain to you, encourage you, empower you and support you into learning, feeling and experiencing a different approach to your health and wellbeing.

Its never to late to learn something new!