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Pasteur and Beauchamp

Approximately 90 years ago 2 men named Pasteur and Beachamp were at the forefront in their fields of science, and it was these 2 men that were to define our understanding of health and medicine until this very day!

Pasteur strongly believed that we live in a hostile environment where dis-ease is always trying to invade our bodies through harmful bacteria. This attitude towards sickness was to therefore protect the body from harmful bacteria.

On the other hand, Beachamp believed that a healthy body could be immune to harmful bacteria and that only when cells became weak and ill could bacteria cause a destructive effect.
Beachamp continued to discover that healthy tissue was constantly being exposed to bacteria but only as the body started to deteriorate, would the bacteria change due to the changes in the bodies cell bio-chemistry.

Beauchampís and Pasteur's research continued to conflict and in the end Pasture's theory was adopted and Beachamp's was ignored. The end result being that we are prejudice towards preventative treatment of dis-ease and as we know this is still present today.

When cells are healthy and vibrant, the immune system is effective in fighting and controlling bacteria. However, through poor eating habits, cells become weak and sick and harmful bacteria are then able to multiply.

Beauchampís and Pasteur's theories are equally important for a healthy life, but unfortunately, medications for killing bacteria have become a huge industry and it is easy to blame germs rather than being responsible for your diet and eating habits.

Through Beachampís work he discovered that germs are opportunists and that they wait for the right conditions to thrive. Most bacteria are harmless to the body and are in the air that we breathe the water that we drink and the food that we eat, so for most of the time bacteria donít affect us. Our stomachís secrete acids to kill nasty bacteria and our large intestine has lactic acid-secreting bacteria which see off nasty bacteria. But when our bodies arenít fed correctly and become run down the harmful bacteria are simply able to multiply and cause dis-ease.