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Raw Food Kitchen Equipment

Having great Raw Kitchen Equipment is key to being successfully Raw and is essential for any keen naturally minded eater & home.

The key things you need are a good Blender, Juicer, Food Processor, water filtering system and Dehydrator.

These items become so valuable that not a day passes without you using one if not all of them!

Sounds expensive but in reality it will save you a fortune & keep you keen and motivated!

Juicing is one of the main foundations to be successfully raw and a good masticating juicer is needed for this.

Food Processing becomes part of daily life and a reliable, good sized processor that can also liquidize is essential.

The Blender - what can I say - I use my blender most likely 4 times a day minimum - often more! Blender are just a must.

Dehydrator - some manage to do without, I don't know how! You don't need to spend a fortune either. Dehydrators are the raw foodists oven and really allow much more variety and fun in the kitchen.

Raw Food Kitchen Equipment

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