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Raw Green Smoothie

Raw Vegan Green Smoothie, a delight and amazing way to start the day!
green smoothie in cup

Hemp Milk (homemade) or Almond Milk 1 Cup of either
1 Tablespoon Barley Grass (if you have not taken this before only have 1/2 teaspoon and builf up slowly!)
1 Tablespoon Flax Oil
1 Teaspoon Bee Pollen
1 Teaspoon Superlec Lethicin Granuels
1 Tablespoon Maca
Handful Spinach
10 Blueberries & 10 Goji Berries!

Put the hemp milk, barley grass, flax oil, bee pollen, lethicin, goji berries & blueberries into the blender and blend away - then add Spinach...
green smoothie

Add the Maca last and blend for 10 seconds most as Maca goes bitter when blended too long!

Enjoy this divine way to start the day!

Raw Vegan Smoothie