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Stockli Dehydrator with Timer

This Stockli Dehydrator is great! I have one sitting in my kitchen and it is always drying something whether it be raw flax crackers, dried apple with superfoods, brownies, cookies or kale crisps!Stockli dehydrator

In fact the need for Kale crisps alone in the winter is enough to warrant buying one of these...

This particular dehydrator is very affordable and also doesn't take up much space at all. It is not much bigger than a bucket and is light and easy to move so makes kitchen planning vevry easy!

It also makes starting out easier as its not such a huge financial layout. There are 3 trays that are easily washed (I often chuck them in the dishwasher) and you can buy dehydrator sheets easily for around a fiver each and cut them into the circular shape - they last for ages, in fact years! And if you don't want to buy those you can use grease proof paper instead. buy stockli dehydrator amazon

The dryer isn't at all noisy either and this is important... it just hums away gently and dries your scrumptious culinary inventions overnight without stress, and there they are in the morning all ready to eat!

This Stockli Dehydrator really is a fabulous buy!