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Have you ever followed a diet and then just rushed off to have either some chocolate, crisps or glass of wine!

Have you ever had such a headache when you have been on a Detox that you just cannot stand it any longer and have gone and broken it.

Many diet and nutrition programs offer you fabulous information and great new diets that at the time seem really manageable, however, once you get back home they seem daunting and so overwhelming that soon old bad habits begin to creep back in again, and before you know it you end up back where you started (only 50 lighter!).

By using Nutrition Friends system you can have constant email backup and support to help you through these tricky times. Email support is included with any package that you chose for a period of one month.

All you have to do is email nutrition friend with your concern, problem or winge, and we will respond to you as soon as possible with relevant help and advice.

For the support packages a consultation must have been completed, see consultation for more detail.