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Cheryl Brown - Glasgow

Barely 24 hours after first speaking to Helena, I feel that, after years of ill-health and conflicting advice from various professionals, I`m on the right path. She is hugely knowledgeable, wise and intuitive and - she really, really cares! She has given me great advice that`s specific to me, meaningful and easy to follow. Her positive attitude and friendly, caring approach make her a real joy to talk to, and her aftercare is excellent. I feel so much better already, and I`m looking forward to a healthy future. Helena should be cloned and made available to everyone!

Patricia - Sussex
Helena is that amazing combination of the ultimate professional, with top training and experience, along with a wonderfully soothing nature that is always calming and ultimately supportive no matter what your lifestyle. Helena finds it easy to relate and to provide sustainable solutions for the needs of body, mind & soul!

Sushma - London
After years of feeling bloated and unhealthy Helena gave me a complete and better understanding to what I was putting inside my body. It's made a huge difference, and it's reflected by me having more energy, looking and feeling better in every way.

The questionnaire was easy and quick to fill in, taking into account family history and health, the follow-up telephone consultation put all the jigsaw pieces in the right place. What can I say - thank you so much! Words can not express.

David Phillips - Streatham, London
In 2005 when trying to both lose weight and lower my chronically high cholesterol, I had the fortune to both meet and consult Helena Bingham

Over the course of one session, she was able to identify the areas of my diet which may have been contributing to the above issues.

Through evolution, rather than revolution, my diet was changed, and over the next weeks and months I achieved a satisfactory weight loss, and a significant reduction in my cholesterol levels, leaving both myself and my doctor happy with the outcome.

The lifestyle I had was untouched, and the new regime easy to incorporate into my daily life.

I would recommend Helena to anyone, for sound nutritional advice.

Jane - Italy 2008
Helena Bingham has been a true inspiration to me and attending her yoga lessons in Italy this summer proved to be a life changing experience. Having never tried yoga before Helena was patient understanding and encouraging. Since returning I have changed my diet lost nearly a stone in weight and continued with the yoga non of which I would every have achieved without her continual support and guidance.

Sally, aged 49 London
I had always had episodes of eczema on my hands, both as a child, when it was controlled with steroids and then, as an adult when I tried numerous creams and remedies which at best, would work for a while and at worst would not work at all.

In my thirties, I trained as a Massage and Shiatsu Practitioner and set up a practice. I also trained as a Teacher of Massage and of Qi Gong.

All was going well and despite short bursts of eczema, I enjoyed a busy working life.

When I 'hit" my mid- forties however, the eczema was becoming more and more persistent longer bouts and much more unsightly and painful. Apart form being very distressing emotionally, I was hardly the best advertisement as a Health Practitioner and Teacher!! Financially it was also disastrous - I had to completely give up Massage with oils which I not only loved, but was a large 'chunk" of my regular work.

It was then that a colleague and friend recommended Helena Bingham and I contacted her for help.

Helena's method of appropriate nutrition, cleansing techniques and care for the body worked! Within 4 weeks my eczema had significantly reduced and within 8 weeks it was completely gone. 3 months later there is absolutely no sign of it.

Helena is extremely supportive and is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge freely and with love. She makes healing the self a loving and joyful journey. In short, she has restored and renewed my life - I can't thank her enough

Lora - London
Helena's relaxed approach helped me to recognise the importance of honoring my body, she has a unique ability to challenge in the most warm and wonderous way that everything she says just makes sense.

Sandra - Kent
Helena is a breath of fresh air as a nutritionist. I first met her on a yoga retreat and she was incredibly supportive and so effective in helping me through a week of difficult times as I made major adjustments to my diet and worked through my emotional dependence on certain foods. As well as being an inspiration, she is extremely knowledgeable, self aware and compassionate to work with. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in making positive changes to their health and their lives

Helena has been so supportive from the very beginning of my journey - whenever it's felt a bit difficult or overwhelming, Helena's been there with practical, caring advice that's helped me feel able to keep going. I feel very lucky to have found her and am thrilled with the results of the changes to my diet, I feel healthier and more grounded with every week that passes!