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The Amazing Castor Oil

posted on 11 November 2010 | posted in Techniques

Last night my daughter, who is 3, came home from Ballet with a cough. It was almost instant the moment we left the class and it developed into a real chesty affair when she awoke at midnight.

She had sensibly refused her supper, which was a blessing as it is always the wrong thing to feed any acute symptom & she had wanted lots of fluids (I just love the way that kids naturally get it right).

After sleeping for 4 hours soundly, at midnight she really was coughing a lot so we rubbed some Castor Oil on her chest and upper back and within 10 mintues (literally) the cough had stopped and she was back into a deep sleep where she stayed til the morning.

Externally applying castor oil increases circulation & promotes the healing of tissues and organs under the skin - and it really works! Without trying, feeling and or seeing it for yourself it is really hard to imagine, but boy oh boy, this isn't called the Miracle Oil for nothing.

As Ana is only 3 we didn't need to apply a whole pack, just massaging the castor oil into her skin, over the concerned organs and area was enough as her natural body heat, pyjamas and duvet provided plenty of heat for the oil to absorb in.

A lovely and simple castor oil treat is the lymph bath - simply massage a little castor oil onto your pulse points; i.e. neck, under arms, inner elbows, wrists, behind knees, groin & ankles and then get into a lovely hot bath and soak for 20 minutes. Then cool yourself down and get to bed.

Honestly, Castor Oil and Castor Oil packing can achieve remarkable results & FAST.


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