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Vaccinations - Yes or No?

Are vaccinations really necessary?
Should we not be more informed about the side effects and actual content of vaccinations?
Should we vaccinate our children?
Should not the after effects of vaccination be discussed before?

Vaccinations introduce the energy, vibration and essence of a dis-ease into a body. They enter the body in an alien way (usually through the leg, bottom or arm) via a needle mixed with additional chemicals and substances. This HAS to cause the body's immune system alarm and therefore unnecessary stress and distress from and by something that the body may never ever meet!

There are age old very effective ways to support the immune system through acute infectious and inflammatory illness... here are some:
- Total rest and sleep, with little distraction, i.e. no TV, radio, tapes or reading.
- Keeping the patient very warmly dressed and covered. Sweating is good. Avoid Chilling!
- A Liquid only diet of vegetable broth, herb teas, citrus juices. Add rice, millet, carrots or fruit if hungry. Absolutely no meat, eggs, milk products, legumes, beans, nuts or seeds. The digestive power of the body needs to focus on the illness and not be burdened with food.
- Elimination via the bowels, bladder and sweating is essential to treat toxicity and prevent its complications, therefore encourage drinking of lukewarm clear fluids, use prune juice or enemas under supervision.
- Provide a sick room environment with warm, soft colours and textures and natural soft light. Include plants and flowers. The caregiver needs to be cheerful, peaceful, attentive, observant, encouraging, loving and respectful of the profound healing wisdom of the body and inner housekeeper in which she is assisting!

(This information is from 'The Informed Parent' Special Edition and is for information only).

Homeopathy can be an excellent way to suport the body through episodes of distress.

From time to time the body needs to discharge toxins and colds and flu are an effective way to do so!

Side effects from vaccinations can include; constipation, digestive problems, ezcema, asthma, dry skin conditions, attention disorders and sleep problems and many more!

For more advice, information and support contact The Informed Parent.