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Want more Energy

Let's face it, we could all do with more than we've got!'vitality'
Here are some natural tips to help you get some...

At mealtimes, try and eat less. Leave the table feeling nearly as light as when you sat down, you can still be satisfied without feeling stuffed, most of us eat way too much anyhow. Overeating is one of the easiest ways to feel heavy, sleepy and to overburden your digestive system which can in the long run create problems.

Drink more water
Take regular rest and relaxation.
Sleep at night! Try and rest for 8 hrs if you can!
Try not to eat after 8pm, it will make you feel heavy and be harder for your body to rest as it will be dealing with all the food!
Eat with the seasons. Try not to challenge your body by having mango for christmas dinner!
Exercise! Exercise = Energy
Cut out quick hits such as caffeine, fizzy drinks and chocolate. Eat whole foods instead to give you a constant flow of energy rather than going for high's and low's.
Eat Breakfast - never skip this meal. Skipping brekkie is the easiest way to exhaust yourself so when you do eat you just grab anything as you are so hungry. Make breakfast a fabulous nutritious meal - start the say as you mean to go on!