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Weaning your baby naturally

Weaning your baby naturally is one of the most precious and important jobs a mother will have.

The introduction of solid foods from our environment means that your baby develops new tastes, smells and sensations that are delicious, nutritious and a foundation for their future years to come.

babyorganic fresh vegetables and fruits mixed with your babies chosen milk, breast or formula.

Favourite choices could come from: organic pears & apples, avocado (really one of natures perfect baby foods), organic sweet potato, butternut squash, organic apricots (soaked in water first), organic broccoli, organic carrot, organic banana, organic baby rice.

You can also stir in some raw organic almond butter to get some extra goodness into vegetable purees.

Purees are the best to start with, mixed with the babies chosen milk and then slowly and gradually you can build up to a more solid food.

Remember that every child is different, so try not to panic if other children are eating more or less than yours!

Top tip: Use your instinct to know what is right for your baby!

Is it ok for your Toddler to be Vegan?

Of course it is, but this depends on your knowledge and ability to make sure that they are getting all the nutrients and goodness that they need from the vegan diet.
Special areas for concern are not protein, but are B12, vitamin D and calcium. It is important to take a good supplement for these areas when you stop breastfeeding.

Making good nut milks daily such as homemade almond milk or Hemp Milk is a good choice, introducing them to different types of foods, textures and tastes, and of course having them daily yourself too! (especially if are still breastfeeding).

Try making humus with raw tahini and add lots of little bits of superfoods added nto smoothies, drinks, meals etc to enhance and strengthen nutrients to the maximum.

Watch your baby and use your instinct to smell and tell if your baby is lacking and unwell. Also watch for iron, molasses and lots of leafy greens will help but do not be afraid to use a good supplement if its needed. Often clingy and tiredness can be signs of a lacking in iron. There are some good water and liquid formulas that are easier to get into little ones!

Problems only arise when knowledge is lacking and support is not available. Do your homework and read and explore all the possibilities around vegan eating for babies and toddlers.

I raised my baby as a vegan until she as 18 months and then introduced organic free range eggs and occasional cooked wild fish. I knew that was the right thing for her although I am still a vegan myself!

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Weaning your Baby Naturally

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