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Wheat & Gluten Free Quinoa & Pomegranate Delight!

Red and White Quinoa (1 cup mixed or just the white if you can't find the red)
1 Pomegranate
Coriander & parsleparsleyy
Olive Oil

Cook the *Quinoa as normal (about 15 mins) and leave to cool
Seed the pomegranate and when the quinoa is cool add all the seeds to the quinoa
Chop finely the parsley and coriander and add to the quinoa and pomegranate
roast the linseeds and add them
Mix well with some olive oil and EAT!
Really simple and really gorgeous - full of energy, protein and flavour!

*Use double the water to quinoa i.e. 1 cup quinoa = 2 cups water
Quinoa is an amazing grain that is very similar to couscous, but is wheat and gluten free!
Quinoa is packed with protein and calcium making it a much healthier choice!