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About Us

Nutritionfriend aims to help users of this website become happier and healthier by providing natural nutrition information, consultations and support. These consultations can be are held either online or by telephone, and are supported via emails. Please see our philosophy for more.

Nutritionfriend offers a range of personal health programs, for people seeking natural or alternative options to health and wellbeing. On this website you will find informative and up-to-date information, products, blog and pages about natural, optimum nutrition and well being.

We believe that your health, diet and wellbeing are valuable in life, and that you really are a result of what you eat.

Who are we?

Nutritionfriend was founded in April 2007 by Helena Bingham and Jason Norman.

Helena Bingham has over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry, starting initially with teaching exercise classes and then moving onto develop a very successful career in the yoga world. Spurred by serious eating disorders and addictions, Helena developed an interest in Natural Nutrition and chose to follow a career as a Natural Nutritionist. She studied with Barbara Wren at 'The College of Natural Nutrition', and has been a Natural Nutritionist for 14 years. Helena is also an active Hatha Yoga teacher, Prenatal Yoga teacher and Doula.
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Whilst studying Helena worked madly on herself using detox, retreats, fasts and using lots and lots of different natural techniques & personal development. Through this time she made the most amazing discoveries physically and emotionally and made valuable changes both in her life and her body.

She spent years studying health and wellbeing and has now come out the other side with a healthier and balanced view on it all!

Helena is an open, fun and caring woman and mother. She has learnt how to support herself and her clients openly and honestly without having to eat only carrots (see testimonials)! She loves raw food, making smoothies & especially raw chocolate and raw ice cream, and now understands that eating naturally is not at all boring!

Helena is the Nutrition Expert for Pampers
(for more information on my work with pampers, please click here for Pampers PDF Leaflet.

This site is her way of sharing all her experience and knowledge with you to help you make your own choices and decisions about 'your" body and life.

Jason Norman is Helena's partner. He is a Massage Practitioner and has studied Shiatsu for 10 years.
Jason is the Onsite Massage Teacher for Walk-in Backrub massage company, as well as being a fabulous father to Jez and Ana Mary.

Jason has an amazing down to earth and realistic approach to life which helps to keep Helena's feet on the ground! He loves organic raw chocolate too and has learnt, since knowing Helena, the healthier ways to be eat well and still feel like you are being bad!