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posted on 1 March 2010 | posted in Superfoods

I have taken many a superfood in my time and have had lots of amazing results and positive energy from them, however there is something about chlorella that I really can't explain totally with words - but am going to have a good old go!

Chlorella really is a detoxing Super Supplement & Organic Chlorella contains complete protein (58%), all the B vitamins (including B12 so great for vegans), vitamins C and E, as well as essential fatty acids and most major and many rare trace minerals. But apart form that what chlorella has that others do not have is the highest form of Chlorophyll!

Chlorophyll is known to greatly assist with cellular metabolism and general detoxification, and when you take it you can really feel this! We are only ever as good or well as our cells internal environment, so this cellular metabolism boost really kicks you up the back side! It is like a cruise control that is just switched on, and you don't run out of fuel!

Chlorella is energising, great for digestion and elimination, but aside from all of that there is something else going on... it is a well-being that is deep in the cell that is all over you!

When someone says follow what resonates with you and what feels right then listen! When you take something that FEELS right it is very important rather than just what you have been told to do or read about!

What superfood really resonates with you?

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