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The Coffee Enema...

posted on 1 July 2012 | posted in Detox

Did you know what Max Gerson believes that 1 x Green juice =(needs) 1 x Coffee enema?

Would kind of mean that you are doing them every day right if you are a high raw foodist?

Coffee enema's help to eliminate toxins from the liver by stimulating bile activity and therefore increasing movement and liver function. This combined with the flood of liquid into the colon makes for a GREAT detox/elimination process leaving you feeling lighter and cleaner.

Coffee taken in an enema will contract the liver and increase activity so much that its advisable to never do them when you are feeling either tired or hungry; and don't do them after midday as they may leave you too stimulated and not able to sleep at night.

In chinese medicine green = liver, so a green juice is an intense way to give the liver a workout + juicing in itself provides immediate energy, enzymes and goodness straight into the blood stream. The body adores juices as its immediate energy and goodness without having to work hard breaking food down and digesting.

But remember, lots of juices, especially green ones WILL cleanse and detoxify the liver so enemas and natural body techniques are recommended to remove these toxins from your body once the juices and liver have released them - make sense?

Cleansing and detox require 2 parts to work - Juicing does part one of the job; enemas do part 2 - and you need both parts to clean properly!

I'm not saying do them everyday (unless you are on a deep clean program that is), but don't forget the amazing enema power that you need to clean away all those toxins that the juices have released for you.

Some people juice and don't do enemas... hummmmmm, sounds uncomfortable to me and likely that build up will occur in the body somewhere. Once you feel clarity from doing enemas you will know what I mean...
Suck it and see as they say :)


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