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Where do Vegan’s get protein?

posted on 1 November 2010 | posted in Raw Food

Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids and the foods that we eat contain different amounts of these amino acids and it is these amino acids that our body uses to make the protein that we need.

Out of the amino acids that we need to make protein there are certain ones that are Essential – meaning that we must get them from food – we cannot make them. The rest can be found in foods or can be made by the body.

And wait for it – all the amino acids that are needed for optimal health are found in plant foods! And of course this makes total sense when you consider that the animals that you would eat (chickens / cows etc (bless them)) get there amino acids from plants too!

Apart from soya, there is not one plant that supplies all the essential amino acids but if you are eating a variety of plant foods then you are definitely getting all of your protein needs.

When you eat a rounded diet from pulses, grains, vegetables and fruits protein deficiency is simply not an issue – it would be if you were a vegan that ate junk processed chips all day, or an anorexic that didn’t take in enough calories, but if you are eating a healthy, abundant plant based vegan diet with sensible meal planning there really is no problem at all.

It has been said that you need to combine foods , i.e. rice with beans, to make a complete protein, but experts have found that this isn’t necessary, and that the body stores ‘pools’ of amino acids that are there to be used when you need them.

And with all the amazing nutrient rich Super foods that are around such as Chlorella, Spirulina, Hemp, Goji berries, Mulberries, Maca & Cacao you really haven’t a worry in the world.

After all if protein deficiency was a problem for vegans why are so many people becoming vegan? Surely there would be lots of protein deficient vegans around and there really are not!

Eat well – Eat Variety – Eat Whole Plant Foods – Be Well

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