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What goes in? Or what doesn't come out?

posted on 3 April 2010 | posted in Detox

I have always been a firm believer that the root of many health problems is often from the bodies inability to optimally & fully daily cleanse itself!

This irregularity can cause massive build up and therefore back log of toxins that create a dis-ease picture and illness!

How about that then... If we could only establish a more efficient daily cleansing cycle and pattern a build up & back up of toxins wouldn't occur and we would remain well and free from dis-ease! :)

Simple hey!! Can it really be that simple?

I think so... It has always baffled me that some people struggle to see the link between eating rubbish, not exercising enough or drinking enough water with dis-ease within their bodies!

I always hear the 'yes but once in a while is ok isn't it?'... Maybe, maybe not - you tell me? Surely that depends on how efficient you are at eliminating what needs to be eliminated and how often once in a while is?

Your bodies are very clever indeed and can only EVER work in your favour, so if something is presenting itself as a dis-ease, i.e. headache, constipation, ezcema, PMT, IBS and so on, then your toxins are backing up and your daily cleansing cycle just can't cope!

By backing up I mean you are accumulating more toxins that you are ridding so your body is becoming overwhelmed and therefore in need of some help & support. That may look like dry skin brushing, an epsom salt bath, an enema, massage, extra run or maybe more like detox or cleanse.

If your elimination system is slow then there are simple ways, as I mention above, to support this daily elimination process safely and naturally which can make a huge difference to how you look and how you feel instantly and can avoid this backing up from occuring!

If your elimination system is really backed up and blocked then it may be that a change in diet and or lifestyle is more highly recommended to really re-establish and alter what has been going on and causing this accumulation & dis-ease!

If you are continuting to put bad onto bad without being able to move it then that spells health danger to me! However, if from time to time you can put some bad onto good & have the energy and ability to move it out - then often that can be ok!

Regular cleanses and detox's are amazing to get rid of back up's and to really give the body a good clean! This can allow it to have a rest for a while and gain some much needed energy and time to start working hard again!

Seasonal changes are great times for this! Heard of Spring cleaning :)

Increasing energy ready for the sunshine and longer days ahead!

Nature does it all for us you know! :) ...

But remember - YOU need to take ACTION to feel the benefits.

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