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How to Lose Weight

posted on 5 January 2009 | posted in Natural Weight Loss

The key to losing weight safely and effectively is empowerment and understanding of the subject, losing weight and your body!

Losing weight isn’t just about losing pounds of body fat; it’s about altering habits and feeling emotions that are often hidden behind eating distress and addictions.

Each human on this planet has a different body type and different emotions that is a fact, so each human will experience different sensations, feelings and results when attempting different eating plans and diets.

What is important is to find what works for YOU and to not compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to anyone else leads to misery; competition and stress, which are not going to help you on your plan!

Dieting and losing weight is usually performed for a purpose – to feel better, to look better, to look younger, to rid toxins and or dis-ease within your body or just for vanity reasons.

Safe and effective weight loss is not dangerous to your health as long as you are eating regular nutritional meals that contain necessary calories and nutrients. Starvation, excessive exercising and other extreme measures to lose weight are not safe and are not recommended at all during a natural weight loss program.

The basics to safe weight loss are to eliminate fast foods, salt, preservatives, caffeine, sugars and alcohol from your diet, and to add in your daily requirement of clean filtered water, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts and seeds. Balance is the key to successful weight loss, as is the removal of the unwanted toxins that like it or not will need to be removed from your physical and emotional body!

Hidden feelings and toxins are going to appear – there is no escape from that but there are numerous techniques to support the process such as;

1. Walking – a brisk 30 minute walk each day, preferably at midday will help to eliminate toxins and help you to increase your heart rate and circulation; mostly will make you feel GREAT!

2. Dry Skin Brushing – an affordable and easy technique used to increase blood flow and circulation of the blood and lymph – great for cellulite and for energy!

3. Epsom salt baths – stress reducing and sleep assisting gentle and affordable easy to perform technique. Just add salts to your nighttime’s bath and soak for 20 mins! BLISS

4. Yoga – breathe your way to feeling better! Relax more, find a local class and go once or twice a week (or just lie on the floor at home for 15 mins), and breath! Yoga is a well known assistant to any weight loss program or Detox program. Yoga reduces stress, enhances strength and flexibility and encourages circulation and a good mood!!!! Try it and see!

5. Drinking water – drinking your daily quota of 4 pints per day (sipped throughout the day with drinking no more than 2 pints in any one hr) will safely contribute to natural safe weight loss! Water carries toxins out of your body safely whilst energising you! Safe, cheap and totally recommended!

6. Exercising – swimming, dancing, running, fitness classes, walking – whatever you enjoy do it – don’t do what you hate, do what you LOVE!

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are what everyone calls BAD! Just be good again when you can!

8. Find some delightful HEALTHY ways to be BAD! Raw chocolate is a great way to feel that you are getting some treats and still being divinely good!

9. Avoid Wheat and Dairy… use substitutes where you can such as wheat free rye breads, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, soya milk, rice milk, soya yogurts etc…

10. Do not overeat! STOP when you are satisfied and don’t pig out! Do something instead and MOVE your body! Stop watching TV and go for a dance or walk… read a book, write a book, cook, clean – move!!!! 

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