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Detox into the Spring Equinox!

posted on 5 March 2009 | posted in Detox

March 20th spring equinox is on its way - a great time to Detox, cleanse and make any transformations that have been on the cards.

With the new spring energy on our doorstep, use it wisely to cut down on the heaviness of winter foods and movement to spring (literally) into action naturally!

Equinox’s are a great time to reflect, retreat and ease yourself safely into the new spring vital energy…

Make the natural transformation easier with some dietary changes and natural body techniques that will encourage and allow a natural cleansing process to take place.

Detox and cleanse out of your being and body any blockages and obstacles that have been in the way of progress both emotional and physical...

Make this your year for increased energy, weight loss and enforced memory clarity to allow you to truly live your dreams!

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