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Avoiding Post Natal Depression Naturally

posted on 5 May 2008 | posted in Pregnancy Tips

I could never have imagined how wonderful, and challenging, having a new baby could be until I had my little angel Ana Mary last year. She is now 1 and although I haven't had a full nights sleep since she was born, I have transformed from a woman to a mother.

My question is are we really informed enough during our pregnancy of this woman to mother transformation that like it or not is going to take place? Do we give ourselves enough space during our pregnancy to grieve our old lives and lifestyles? Is it therefore possible that postnatal depression is a grieving process, and or lack of preparation physically and emotionally, that on top of the marathon of birthing our babies, we are knocked over the edge and therefore classified as having postnatal depression (PND)?

Many more women are being told that they have PND but why? Could it be frustration, boredom, lack of preparation physically and emotionally, lack of support, lack of money? How long do you have to be depressed for to be labelled with PND?

Nutritional deficiency during pregnancy can lead to a non maternal instinct in a new mother and an aggravated baby. What a new mother who is struggling doesn't need is an aggravated and restless crying baby!

Did you know that a well supplemented pregnancy and vaginal birth is much less likely to lead to a new mother with PND. Supplements are recommended pre pregnancy, and during the post natal period.

Exercise, optimum nutrition, yoga and relaxation can assist you to have a faster and easier vaginal birth? Did you know that what you eat when pregnant is vital to the health of you and your baby? Eating optimum nutrition during pregnancy will not only help to keep you clear of PND, but will allow you to breastfeed more easily with lovely milk, and most importantly, to want to do so!

I created to help women and new mothers, of every age, combat PND and to have the best pregnancy through eating, supplementing and exercising well. Nutrition is not just a side runner, it is a major leader to whether you feel and are well during pregnancy, birth and beyond!

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