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Detox your way to happiness and healthiness

posted on 5 June 2008 | posted in Healthy Tips

Abundant energy, clear glowing skin, to look young, to feel young, endless clarity and a body that operates to its optimum, so how do we get all that?

You know what, the truth and nothing but the truth is that you have got to get rid of all the old toxins first! In order to achieve your full potential you need to Detox!

You need to transform into eating a healthy, mostly raw diet full of vibrant super foods that are abundant in goodness, life and energy. By eating foods such as these your body will let go of the old toxins that have been stored in your cells over the years. These stored toxins are the reason that you feel tired, sluggish, overweight, lethargic and not attractive.

Natural, vital, optimum types of food will encourage and support your body to let go of all the rubbish and old toxins by giving it the space and energy to clean up! Once these toxins are released, it is your job to make sure that they are safely removed from your body! It is all very well releasing them, but it is the safe removal of them that is the key to future health, vitality and well being.

Techniques such as the enema, skin brushing, castor oil packing, hot and cold showers and Epsom salt baths are all safe, easy and effective ways to support your body in clearing toxins away through the correct routes of elimination.

Supporting the internal organs by using the skin to remove toxins is an excellent and effective way to make sure that toxins are leaving the body safely. Having toxins flying around your body will make you feel tired, aggravated and moody which isnít going to help you want to stay on your new vital eating plan!

Important Tip Ė For optimum success seek advice and guidance from a trained practitioner before embarking on a Detox or cleansing program. It is easy to pick up a book and start drinking fresh vegetable juices, but unsupervised you could end up in a worse state than when you started.

The art of successful Detox is learning to recognise what symptoms need what techniques to support the removal of the unwanted, old toxins from your body, nothing more nothing less. Natural Nutrition is an art not a diet!

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