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Raw Food Lifestyle and Diet

posted on 7 July 2009 | posted in Raw Food

You know I have been playing with this whole raw thing for a year now but have been 100% RAW for 3 weeks now and you know it has finally clicked with what all the fuss is about!

Eating 100% raw foods (meaning they are not taken above 115f/46c)means that you are never destroying any enzymes from your food, hence constantly receiving optimum abundance and energy from all foods that you are eating!

I mean I have been a natural nutritionist for many years eating an organic 100% vegan diet (with the odd glass of champagne), being healthy fit and active...

Has the raw foods changed anything?
What has become clearer to me than anything literally is the CLARITY !!!!!!!!!

Eating 100% raw foods (including LOTS of chocolate), has made me feel more clarity than i have had for a long time!

Benefits of eating 100% raw for me have included better concentration, more capable, less fear, softer, calmer and definitely more in touch with consciousness!

It may sound whacky, but eating a healthier more live food diet HAS to a)cleanse and detoxify you and b)guide you back to where you actually really should be, i.e. to your ideal weight, to make a career change that you really deeply desire, to find relationship balance, more emotional clarity.

It is not just about weight loss. It's more that weight loss is just par for the course! It is going to happen anyway! It is the lifestyle change that is vital and so needed in our society today which is why RAW foods, raw chocolate, support and advice and cafes are popping up all over the place. And why you are reading this!

Eating raw foods is the new black - don't miss out!


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