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Full Moon & how it may affect you

posted on 12 September 2011 | posted in Lunar Cycle

Full moon is exactly what it says - FULL - its when the lunar cycle has reached its maximum and shines 100% in fullness.

The Moons cycle moves from being completely empty on a new moon to being completey full on a full moon and this takes approximately 28 days to happen (or thereabouts).

The movement from the New moon to the Full moon is called WAXING; and from Full moon to the New noon is called WANING.

So we wax up and wane down - we fill and we empty - and its exactly the same for us!

When the moon is growing in size (waxing) we absorb well and can hold on more easily, this can be especially important for women and this is usually linked to the menstrual cycle, hence the waxing moon is the time before her period where she would bleed and begin to empty on the full moon.

When the moon is waning, slowly fading away and reducing in size, this is when we can let go more easily and hence detox more efficiently... usually the time after the womans period up to ovulation which in an ideal world would be on a new moon!

It is said that the more hydrated you are, the more in tune with the moon you are? What do you think?

Saying all that, most of us are affected in some way from the moons cycle. Many people can become anxious, restless, more angry and aggitated around the full moon - its not called lunar for nothing!

Watch the wolves howling in the woods when the moon is full - energy is increased and often this can lead to a feeling of 'out of control' that can lead to emotional distress and dramatic behaviour!!!

From my experience people enjoy getting drunk on alcohol or FULL of something around this time and its usually not green juices or magnesium, its more likely to be something on the acidic and toxic side!
This happens from the need to lose control of the feelings that you are unable to deal with - hence getting drunk.

How does the moon affect you?


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