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How Nutrition affects your Yoga practice?

posted on 17 May 2008 | posted in Yoga

Practicing yoga brings many rewards, but could we enhance these rewards by altering what we eat?

Nutrition plays an enormous role in our lives, both emotionally and physically so it has to have an impact on what we do and the way that we do it.

If we imagine ourselves as one long tube (our digestive tract), we therefore need to understand that what goes into this tube will affect us in every way. What enters the tube is responsible for our energy, how we feel, how we look, how we heal, how we communicate, how our brain works and so on.

Knowing that, what happens if the tube gets blocked or congested? Surely in this case, vitality and energy would be reduced, and internal systems will need to slow down, and or stop to try and sort out the congestion or blockage. In short, what happens to the tube on the inside affects us totally on the outside.

Everything external to us has a vibration including what we eat. Altering the vibration to something softer, more neutral and lighter (such as fruits, vegetables, natural organic whole grains and water), will allow your body and mind to feel softer and lighter.

The harsher, stronger and more stressful aggressive foods holding a much higher vibration (such as meat, dairy, alcohol, sugar and caffeine), create stress on our bodies and have a powerful and strong impact upon us. These types of foods can make us feel aggressive, angry, irritated and tired.

The body will need to work harder to break down, utilise and remove aggressive and harsh foods much more than it does with softer, lighter and more natural produce.

So how does this relate to yoga?

When practising yoga we want to feel light, empty and energised. Your yoga practice would therefore be enhanced no end by eating foods of a softer vibration. These foods will be easily absorbed and digested delivering energy, vitality and essential nutrients without causing unnecessary stress to the body.

When your tube is clean your yoga practice will seem so much easier. Your body will flow through asana with calm and concentration rather than shake and rattle! Why do you think yogis donít eat animals? Animal produce has a strong vibration so when the body has to deal with that strong vibration from food it canít afford the space to feel spirit and beyond!

Certain yoga postures will push and squeeze internal organs creating cleanses and a release of toxins. This in itself gives the body enough to do without adding in extra toxins through foods.

Without getting too spiritual, yoga is a practice to open and connect your body and mind to whatever you chose spirit to be! What you eat will create work for your body and therefore mind, so by keeping that work as simple as possible your yoga practice could sour higher than you have ever imagined.

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