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What causes food addictions and how do I stop them?

posted on 18 March 2009 | posted in ADDICTIONS

This article explains why food additions can occur and offers support on how to stop them!

Addiction proves that there is a biochemical malfunction going on within your physical and emotional body that is feeding this abnormal need and desire. The used substance enables you, (body and mind), to feel better, normal or balanced artificially.

‘Natural balance’and correct internal environments give the body all it needs to feel happy, balanced and totally alive without this artificial interference, yet as soon as balance is interrupted we seek, crave and search for something outside to allow us to feel ok!

Popular addictive substances include coffee, caffeine, tea, chocolate, nicotine, fizzy drinks, sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, salt and preservatives.

When the addictive food or substance is removed, our body enters into a crisis period as it begins to feel totally overwhelmed, stressed and often in physical pain from headaches, strong emotions and enhanced sensations.

These feelings develop as the body is letting go of the chemicals and toxins that have been stored from the consumption of addictive substance in the first place - as the substance enters your system it is normal to crave it again!

But, once the substances have been totally cleared from your body you will no longer crave them anymore!

Using natural body techniques can support your body with the removal of these toxins when you are giving up an addictive substance or food.

Such techniques include dry skin brushing, hot and cold showers, Epsom salt baths, Enemas, massage and exercise. All of these will speed up the removal of toxins via the correct routes of elimination, i.e. the liver, bowel and the largest route – the skin!

Of course during any cleanse or Detox program emotional feelings are going to arise too – these often include anger, grief and frustration. These are par for the course and will subside and ease with the use of techniques can help no end! Once the body becomes cleaner so does the mind! Of course seek the help of a supportive professional when and if the need arises.

If you are looking to, trying to or are giving up a substance, food or addiction then please support your body with eating optimum ally. Chose organic foods where you can and eat foods that actually look like food! Your body will heal and balance much more effectively from abundant foods and lots of water to keep flushing the toxins out!

If you do not support the body with using techniques such as the ones mentioned above you may not keep up with the amount of toxins that need to be removed from your body. That can lead you back to where you started as the feelings can become too overwhelming!

Take my personal ‘been there and done it’ experienced advice and use as many techniques as you can! And remember, your emotions, mind and body will always feel better after a discharge!

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