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Move your ARSE!

posted on 20 June 2012 | posted in Healthy Tips

I love feeling inspired and after spending the day in London with Brian Clement on Sunday - I am.

If you haven't heard of him, or Hippocrates then check it out. Amazing healing and health company that REALLY makes a difference to deep and dark dis-ease in a supported and safe way.

He passionately promotes raw food, LIVE foods such as sprouts and grasses (wheatgrass especially!), EXERCISE and LOVE.

It is not just about what you put in your mouth that makes you happy, its the 'WHOLE' story.

So - are you moving your arse enough? Are you regularly exercising enough?
Are you walking, swimming, dancing, running, weight training, doing aerobics, taking YOGA classes - whatever it is that you enjoy make sure you are doing it at least 4 even 5 times each week.

Be consistent; have the right intention; give gratitude; be happy!

It all adds up - honest x


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