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The Truth!

posted on 20 September 2009 | posted in Healthy Tips

The Truth! You know I have been really distressed this weekend after watching the most tragic and horrific news story of child abuse ever! Not only was I sickened to my core but it had traumatised me so deeply that something deep in me has shifted a gear and made me send a clearer message out!

As human beings on this planet we are seriously malfunctioning! We are not taking care of ourselves and our emotional well being enough and they are therefore badly suffering and we are acting in ways that are just not humane!

Even if this does not affect you in the way it has me, look at ways in which you can enhance, encourage, empower or change what exists in your life and the lives around you to push towards a more natural and balanced existence.

Help people more, give more, take less, offer advice more, hug someone more often, pick someone up, give away some clothes, make someone some bread!

Why is child abuse and violence so rife? Why are we malfunctioning so badly? Why are we so afraid of taking of own healing process back? Why are we so in need of power that we hurt little ones? Why can't we understand consciousness and stay present in the moment instead of living in our mind of fear and drama!

If you feed your body less stressful foods and give it the correct foods that will offer what it needs in order to produce chemical and hormonal equilibrium, then we will stay balanced, grounded and well both physically and emotionally.

If you feed your body chemicals from drugs, alcohol, excessive sugars and preservatives, heavy fats, highly stressed meats and foods then you are bound to encounter attitudes, feelings and actions that are far, far away from the natural flow of love and balance that is deeply inside us!

Now don't think I'm getting all tree huggy with you, those of you that know me will understand that that is not my way (to be tree huggy), but humans are all about goodness and love underneath all the many layers of fear and stress!

Get rid of some of your stress and see the difference. Exercise more to process unfriendly feelings and help others more! Helping others brings about such goodness for you and for them!

Start today...

After all baby, there is only LOVE!


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