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Autumn Equinox

posted on 21 September 2011 | posted in Healthy Tips

Lands upon us on the 23rd September (2 days away as I write this), how is it affecting you?

My little lad (15 weeks old) is really restless, my daughter has a cold brewing already - I just love how the untampered with systems of children show up a natural cleanse really easily and on top of that, they deal with it beautifully - don't want food just liquid and they want SLEEP.

So the equinox is here and what does it mean to you? Maybe a detox on the horizon, maybe a autumn clear out, maybe a change of direction in your life? Whichever way you look at it or go at it, on some level you will be letting go.

For me its a chance to reflect, eat well, sleep lots (if i can with a small baby), be gentle and relaxed as much as possible and to take some quiet times to listen to the changes that are happening around us.

Watch nature closely - its beautiful...
Move from your head to your body - use techniques and all will be clear.


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