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7 Steps to a Teenage Glow!

posted on 23 February 2011 | posted in Childrens Health

Drink Water this seems simple but is an amazing way to enhance the bodies ability to cleanse and detox daily. Essentially you need 8 glasses of pure clean filtered water every day (no breaks), this needs to be spread out and drank at room temperature, with never more than one litre in an hour!

SUGAR Avoid it! It creates a crash blood sugar situation and can influence mood swings and SPOTS! It's a struggle for the body to deal with and although it makes you feel instantly energised and well, in the long run it will make you feel fat and tired!!!! Use alternatives like honey, agave nectar and dried fruits.

Essential Fatty Acids OILS these are not called essential for nothing and are so important for glowing skin & balanced emotions and hormones! These are oils found in nuts and seeds such as flax/linseed, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts in addition oily fish such as sardines, salmon and mackerel are also beneficial. For an extra GLOW soak all your nuts and seeds first and then make them into powerballs, this means that they are moist before entering your body so your bodyhas less work to do when digesting (and avoids a bloating tummy!)

EXERCISE again seems like common sense but you need to sweat out toxins and to move your lymph system with daily exercise. This allows your skin to move and open.

Dry Skin Brushing Amazing way to avoid cellulite and to increase blood flow, circulation and lymph movement. This literally is done on Dry skin daily before showering to remove the dead cells that are sitting on your skin best donefirst thing in the morning after you have slept.

Hot and Cold Showering WOW this enhances your energy and pumps your vitality and glows your skin like nothing else. After you have washed in the shower switch from hot to cold three times ending with cold when you start it may seem cold and horrid but believe me this will encourage so much blood movement that you will feel energised and wonderful afterwards. Also moves and closes the cells tightening the skin and enhances beauty!

Eat Organic some people think that this is a myth, but in short if you eat foods that have been sprayed with chemicals then you are eating chemicals when you eat that food why would you want to do that? Eat the best you can for your body to look the best it can and to perform at the best it possibly can. The more crap you put in the less efficient it will be and that is s fact! Optimum eating creates Optimum living and an amazing physical energetic GLOW.

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