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Top ten ways to burn your belly fat naturally!

posted on 23 June 2010 | posted in Natural Weight Loss

Want to burn off your belly fat! Then you have to move it to lose it!

1. Exercise
2. Stop eating Sugar!
3. Avoid Alcohol
4. Drink Water
5. Eat your greens!
6. Eat fish not meat – the essential oils in fish act as anti calories!
7. Eat raw nuts & seeds
8. Don't Overeat!
9. Hot & Cold Shower
10. Dry Skin Brush daily

Want to know more – read on!


Exercise is the key to keep yourself on top! And to keep the fat off! Little & often… walk, run, skip, swim, yoga, dance, aerobics, whatever it is that lights your fire – do it! Do it at least three times a week for 30 minutes each time, and if you can do something daily.

Stop Eating Sugar!

Sugar is the bellies enemy! If you are holding fat around your middle its most likely that you consume sugars! Stop – use natural sweeteners like Yacon syrup, Stevia or dark raw Agave nectar! Cut out the cakes, breads, pastries & pies that contain sugar too!

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a sugar so to get the fat off avoid your glass of wine for a while or the beer that you grab when you get home! See the difference when you don't have it! Drink water instead…

Drink Water

Water is the key to everything. It keeps things moving and really assists weight loss FAST! Drink 2 litres of clean, filtered or natural spring water daily! Feel the energy!

Eat Loads of Raw Greens

Raw Broccoli, raw spinach, raw watercress, raw Kale, raw spring greens, raw lettuce's – get them down you! Eating loads of green leafy vegetables is an amazing way to balance blood sugar and enhance essential oil and iron levels! These are powerful foods that help to burn fat!

Use these vegetables in smoothies and vegetable juices for ways to get even more into your daily diet!

Eat Fish not Meat

Best fish to eat is organic salmon, mackerel & sardines. These fish contain good essential fats not bad fats that meat contain!

Eat Raw Nuts & Seeds

Obtain even more essential oils again from hemp, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds! Raw Almonds are packed with calcium and protein and are a great appetite suppressant!

Don't overeat!

Stop eating when you are full! Take your time when eating and really chew your food! Overeating causes constipation, sluggish digestion and bloating!

Hot & Cold Shower

Stimulate your lymph, circulation & blood by hot and cold showering. Literally just switch from hot to cold three times at the end of your shower daily! Always end with cold.

Dry Skin Brush

Amazing for your skin and really moves your lymph system! Amazing for weight loss when done daily on dry skin first thing in the morning before your shower!

Go on – try them and see - Say bye bye Belly!


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