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Natural Ways to Clean your Colon whilst safely Removing Toxins & stagnation from your Body

posted on 23 June 2010 | posted in Healthy Tips

Cleaning your colon naturally will remove stagnation and toxins from your body.

This is the key to total health and well-being!

Cleaning your colon is the fastest way to make an immediate difference to how you feel!

If stagnation and toxicity build up in your body 'dis-ease' can set in and therefore the symptoms that represent that!

These can include: lethargy, headaches, constipation, infertility, PMT, bloating, IBS, acne, dry skin conditions, irritability & numerous others.

So how do you clean the colon & rid toxins - Here are some Top Tips!

1. Drink more Water! Make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of clean, filtered or natural spring water every day! (that's 4 pints)

2. MOVE – Exercise! Run, walk, dance, do aerobics, yoga, skipping, swimming – whatever it ithat you like and will adhere to – do it! Cardiovascular exercise will help keep things moving!

3. Practice a Home Enema – this is a simple procedure that can be practiced immediately in the privacy of your own home. Simply use body temperature water in the home enema kit to insert water gently into you! This then helps increase peristalsis & remove unwanted old stools from your colon! Amazing benefits…

4. Eat sensible fibre! Not bran flakes that contain sugar, salt and are dry, but short grain organic brown rice, fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Fresh raw vegetable juices are very good for cleansing!

5. Cut back on Wheat, Meat & Dairy products for a while (or forever!) These food groups stick and can block the colon and putrefy.

6. Add essential oils into your diet such as hemp seeds or oil, flax seeds or oil and omega oil mixes. These essential Omega oils help with cell hydration, moisturise the colon and keep cells opening to remove toxins.

Do all of the above and you have to feel lighter, more energised and less toxic!

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