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Raw or not Raw that is the question!

posted on 23 July 2010 | posted in Raw Food

I have been over 90% Raw now for nearly 2 yrs and Love it! However, there are definately cooked moments within my life that are practical, necessary & above all grounding!

I speak from my own personal journey and as everyone is absolutely unique what I write may resonate with you or it may not!

When I am 100% Raw I get very 'up there" and speedy... I have high energy anyway so being totally 100% raw sends me higher and higher that I sometimes need to use cooked foods to bring me back down to earth!

The occasional bowl of brown rice or gluten free pasta with a raw dressing or sauce works for me when I need to place my feet back on the ground again!

I also find that I can get cold when eating 100% raw - so being 90% works for me to get some warmth when I need it (especially in the winter when I am more 80%).

So does this mean that I am a cheat or Fake????? I hope not - as the foods I eat are always organic, premium quality and wholesome. Surely cheating would be denying yourself something that you truly need or desire?

The raw food world is growing fast and this is for a reason! The reason being it works - eating raw improves health, vitality, promotes sensible and permanent weight loss, improves skin & digestion and heals the body on so many levels!

But don't be put off by needing to be 100% strict about eating only raw foods.

Eating over 75% raw offers you amazing benefits! Of course we are presuming that the other 25% isn't macdonalds or burger king but still premium wholesome foods.

Allow yourself what you feel you need and select great foods within your diet such as supergreens, superfoods and loads of raw salads and vegetables!

What I have learnt more than anything is that restricting yourself really does cause stress - and stress really does cause im-balance and dis-ease within the body!

Chill out about it all and enjoy your food!

Love your food and it will love you back - don't just eat stuff because you feel you have to!

As I said to a dear friend of mine recently: 'We have to own who we really are; when we try and be something different from that, life gets messy and stops flowing!"

Be yourself & enjoy!


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