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Why Constipation really is a pain in the rear!

posted on 24 May 2008 | posted in Healthy Tips

Nutrition is truly an amazing thing! Not only does what we eat and drink fuel us, repair us, make us grow (sometimes more than we like!), nourish us, protect us and energise us, food also has massive impacts on how we feel.

Imagine yourself as being just a tube (your digestive tract), by doing this we can clearly see the impact and influence of what goes into it.

Clear tubes, sticky tubes, blocked tubes, full tubes, empty tubes, stretched tubes, broken tubes, leaky tubes, cluttered tubes, aggravated tubes, inflamed tubes; each of these scenarios will have an effect on our moods and how we feel, but how and why?

Our tubes are the inner core of our bodies and they really represent how well we are. What goes on inside our tubes will show up through our emotions, moods, skin and energy. In short, our tubes play the most vital role in our entire health picture, our levels of vitality, the clarity of our minds (or not!), and most importantly our energy levels and our looks.

The colon affects the skin and mind hugely. When the colon is congested and irritated then so is the mind and that is why constipation feels so horrible and uncomfortable.

Ideally we want to clear our bowels up to 3 times a day, with one good passing being acceptable. When this does not happen the colon and bowel become overwhelmed and congested causing 'stress' on the liver and body which ends up with a muddled, overwhelmed and congested mind!

Detoxing, clearing and cleaning your colon will clear, detox and clean your mind, leaving you refreshed, vital and ready for action, not to mention feeling much HAPPIER too!

Constipation brings about many feelings, some including sadness, heaviness, lethargy, fear and loneliness. By changing what you eat you can change those feelings and find a new way of being and living.

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