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Is Preconception care through Nutrition important?

posted on 27 May 2008 | posted in Preconception Care

Would you bed a new plant into mucky old dry soil? Surely not… would you not use more common sense and realise that this plant is less likely to grow and develop in such soil. The same sense would tell you that this new plant will need better nourishment, stronger foundations and all round better conditions in order to thrive develop and grow.

Well, it is absolutely no different when dealing with our bodies and our babies. We are the ground and soil in which our new baby is going to grow and develop in for the most important first 9 months of its most beautiful life. Why would you not want to make that time the richest and most beneficial of all?

Preparing for pregnancy is such a gift for you and your baby. Not only will you have a safer and stronger pregnancy, but you will prepare yourself more emotionally and physically for the tasks ahead.

Pregnancy is a marathon, with so many changes and challenges taking place both inside and outside. It is the most precious time in many women’s lives and one that can be blossomed into even more with the correct nutrition, gentle exercise and care.

Natural Optimum Nutrition will deliver and provide everything you need to cater for your pregnancy, birth and baby. Being nutritionally sound will enable you to physically and emotionally deal with the many changes and challenges ahead and will place you in a safer position to avoid problems such as post natal depression.

When your body has all it needs and is fed in the correct way it won’t crave and need empty calories and foods that are more of a hindrance than help. Natural Nutrition that provides essential fatty acids, oils and vital nutrients will protect, heal and energise you into a healthier place.

During pregnancy your body will use and need many more nutrients than usual and stocking up beforehand will allow you to not be robbed during your pregnancy.

Like it or not your baby will take what it needs from you leaving you depleted. When you are depleted you are again more likely to crave and struggle with emotional issues, pregnancy itself and in some cases the birth and baby. Post natal depression would be more likely in a case of depletion than not!

In short, take the opportunity if you have it, to prepare for your task ahead, after all you wouldn’t run a marathon without training would you!

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