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Drinking Tea

posted on 27 October 2009 | posted in Healthy Tips

Drinking Tea Warming teas are the most amazing ways to generate heat and assist digestion on any given diet or detox and certainly help the way with my transition into the cooler & colder months.

This rigidity around foods and diets can really cause STRESS in itself, so its important to learn to follow your instincts and gut feelings around foods and drinks.

Of course, when your body is letting go and detoxing it does give off pretty uncomfortable feelings and cravings, but once that has passed (and it does with perserverence and supportive techniques), then you can really begin to feel and recognise what your body really needs instead of what your mind is telling you!

Of course caffeine isn't great for any health project so it is always best to avoid hot drinks containing caffeine!

My favourite tea at the moment is pu-erh tea, a warming, hot orange deep tea that is bursting with digestive goodness and grounding abilities.

Of course the better the quality the better the tea... try some and see!


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